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Comment installer le client Cisco Anyconnect VPN Si vous n'avez pas besoin du logiciel Cisco AnyConnect VPN "officiel", je vous recommande vivement d'installer le package "network-manager-openconnect-gnome" dans le référentiel Ubuntu. Il utilise OpenConnect qui est un client open source pour AnyConnect. Как установить клиент Cisco Anyconnect VPN? Ubuntu Linux

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How to setup VPN connection Oxford University Ubuntu Oct 02, 2017 Role-Based Networking | Information Technology Services Role-based VPN service creates a small network that only your customers land in when connecting to the WSU VPN service. You can manage an AD security group within your Business Units OU to control which of your customers can access your services. Currently, ITS supports the following network sizes for delegated role-based VPN service: I can't get any of them working on Ubuntu 12.04. The fields in the questions and answers seem subtly different from mine. The one that came closest seemed to be: How to save VPN passwords with NetworkManger . I am setting up Cisco VPN on Ubuntu 12.04, when I run into strange behavior. I have downloaded and installed the following packages: vpnc network-manager-vpnc and dependencies. When adding the connection with network manager, I am not able to save the connection - I only get this error