Connect Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine to Azure VPN

Unifi Switch causing network issues - The Cloud (Internet Oct 14, 2019 Connect UniFi Security Gateway to Azure using Site to Site VPN My setup contains 2 Unifi AP AC PRO’s, an Unifi 8 port 60W POE switch, Unifi cloudkey and the Unifi Security Gateway. To setup an VPN to Azure the minimal Unifi equipment you need is the security gateway. Overview of my Unifi environment. So I already have deployed in Azure and configured the following network resources: Ubiquiti UniFi Review | TweakTown Nov 15, 2019

Ubiquiti Unifi VLANs and A Bottle of Asprin - Networking

For example, if the client and UniFi LAN network are both using the range, the client will not route any traffic for over the VPN. However, if you add more specific routes to the client, for example and , the client will start using the VPN.

VLAN Configuration between Netgear and Unifi - NETGEAR

Control Inter-VLAN Communication with the UniFi USG