The Missing Man table is on prominent display in the lobby City Hall to signify that they are in our hearts and will continue to be, long after they return home. The MIA/POW table …

The missing man table consists of the following elements: A small table set for one, symbolising the isolation of the absent service member. The table is usually set close to, or within sight of, the entrance to the dining room. For large events, the missing man table may be set for six places representing each of the five armed services (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard), with the sixth symbolising the civilians who died during armed conflict. The basic ceremony is provided below. There is a narrative section followed by an annotated script. Note that the script contains several suggestions for actions by the Honor Guard, which are in addition to those of the narrative. You should be selective and develop an approach, which works for the time and resources available to you. Set-up The Missing Man Table is an semi-official place of honor in some dining facilities of the U.S. armed forces in memory of fallen, missing, or imprisoned military service-members. The table serves as the focal point of ceremonial remembrance, originally growing out of US concern of the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue. Observance Beyond permanent displays in dining facilities, the missing man table is Aug 19, 2018 - Explore Teresa Dawn Davis's board "Fallen soldier table", followed by 208 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fallen soldier table, Fallen soldier, Missing man table. The table is round - to show our everlasting concern for our missing loved ones. The tablecloth is white - symbolizing the purity of their motives when answering the call to duty. The sword - symbolizes honor. The single red rose - displayed in a vase, it reminds us of the life of each of the missing loved

2018-1-2 · An original Missing Man Table ceremony consists of reading out a script explaining the meaning of every item at the table. The display like the one I witnessed had a framed explanation on the table. I found myself marveling at the simple symbolism of the objects before me. The white tablecloth stands for the purity of intention of the service

Script for POW/ MIA Ceremony. Commander says: Before we begin our festivities this evening, we will recognize our POW’s and MIA’s. We call your attention to this small table, which occupies a place of honor near the head table. It is set for one symbolizing the fact that members of our armed forces are missing from our ranks. The table is round – showing our everlasting concern for our POW/MIA’s. The cloth is white – symbolizing the purity of our men and women’s motives when answering the call to duty. The single red rose – reminding us of the lives of these men and women – their loved ones and friends who keep the faith, while seeking answers.

The Missing Officer Table

The Missing Man Table at Seaside Galley, Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay, stands in remembrance of missing service members and prisoners of war. 'Missing man' tables are an important part of military tradition and are a small, but significant way for service members to remember their brothers in arms. Air Force removes Bible from POW-MIA display | Fox News