To request a removal of outdated content: Go to the Remove outdated content page. Enter the URL (web address) of the page that has the outdated content you want to remove. Select Request removal . If you see the message "We think the image or web page you're trying to remove hasn't been removed by

I want to delete my name from google search result. Can a story be removed from Google, the story about my son sounded so much worse than what he did, can we get the Story removed from Google. I would like to remove all information about me from the internet. How to Clear Your Google Search History Jul 10, 2017 How to Remove Your Personal Information from Google Apr 08, 2019 How do I remove my name from an internet search on bing Hi, Report concerns about a website's content. Bing doesn't control the content that websites publish or that appears in Bing search results. To make sure content is removed from search results, your best option is to contact the webmaster for the website that published the content and request that it be deleted or removed.

Jun 18, 2020 · Log into your Google+ profile at Click the "Home" menu in the upper-left corner and select "Settings". Uncheck the "Help others discover my profile in search results" box in the "Profile" section. This will stop search engines from crawling your page.

Nov 06, 2018 · Much like Google, if you've found negative content when searching your name on Yahoo and you're looking for ways to remove it from Yahoo search results, Yahoo recommends that you first make all efforts possible to get in touch with the admins of the website(s) where the undesirable content is published. You can request GOOGLE to de-index your site by following this procedure: Step 1. Block Google agent from crawling your site. Add this code in robots.txt file. User-agent: Googlebot Disallow: / Alternatively, you can add below code to prevent G Having your personal or business name on social media is an easy way to win one of the top spots on Google with very little effort. Be sure to get on Twitter, Google+, Facebook , YouTube, and LinkedIn at a minimum. Another great resource for profiles that do well on search results? How To Remove A Google Search Result With Your Name

“Removing content from Google of search results page is not the same thing as removing it from the web”. So, how to remove your name from search engines? Even if you remove your information from Google Search results, You must be aware that your information is on the newspaper or blog sites, which are just hosted on the Google Search. Google Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. How Do I Remove Myself from the Search Engines? - Ask Leo!