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Internet Gateway Disabled - Browsers, Internet and email Internet Gateway Disabled - posted in Browsers, Internet and email: Hi, My internet service provider was recently changed from Comcast to Verizon FiOS. I'm using windows XP. In my "network connections" option from the control panel, the connection under the header LAN or High Speed Internet Connection reads "Connected, firewalled". However, under the header "Internet Gateway", the icon is Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall Windows XP's Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) protects your network against undesired incoming traffic from the Internet -- everything from casual port scans by bored teenagers to serious break-in attempts by determined hackers. ICF creates a protective barrier between your network and the Internet, only passing through traffic that you've requested.

Apr 02, 2008

Set Up Wi-Fi Connection - Windows XP. Set Up Wi-Fi Connection - Windows® XP. Connect with us on Messenger . Visit Community . 24/7 automated phone system: call *611 from your mobile Internet Connection Wizard v.5 for Microsoft Windows - NetFAQs

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Apr 12, 2016 Windows XP - Repairing a Lost Internet Connection Dec 10, 2002 7 Tools to Restore Your Internet Connection by Repairing Complete Internet Repair. Complete Internet Repair is able to fix a number of common issues that … Windows XP : Internet Connected but Can't Browse Any Sites