But after months of Russian efforts to prop up an imaginary Romanian hacker, the dossier trafficked in the conceit that “Romanian hackers” were involved in the theft and leaking of Democratic

Romanian Hackers Sentenced - Di-VerZe E.N.T By a time a hackers were arrested in 2016, a Bayrob Group had turn one of a tip senders of antagonistic email. “We were radically holding down this whole infrastructure and impediment a 3 people during one time,” Macfarlane said. “And a Romanian National Police were pivotal partners in this effort. They stranded with us year after year. Romanian police bust hackers allegedly plotting ransomware May 15, 2020 Romanian hackers infiltrated 65% of DC outdoor Dec 20, 2017

Romanian hackers on trial in Ohio stole millions and victimized thousands through malware, feds say. Three Romanians indicted in $4 million cyber fraud ring that targeted dozens in Northeast Ohio.

Hackers who were preparing attacks on hospitals arrested Romanian law enforcement officials stopped the activities of the cybercriminal group PentaGuard, which was preparing to carry out attacks on Romanian hospitals using ransomware. Four hackers were arrested, and searches were conducted at their place of residence (at three addresses in Romania and one address in Moldova). Romanian Hackers - 3 Photos - Computer Company

Four Romanian nationals have been charged with hacking card-processing systems at more than 150 Subway restaurants and 50 other unnamed retailers, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday.

The Romanian hackers were traced through their registered email addresses. Five other Romanian hackers were arrested over the past week in an international cybercrime investigation.