Why can't I post a comment on your website?

All of us know that YouTube is a video sharing website and how it works. So it doesn’t need any introduction. Despite being so popular, YouTube has its own set of problems. Sometimes, users have to face such minor issues such as the YouTube Comment Failed to Post. How to Disable or Mute Replies to your YouTube Comments Apr 09, 2015 Dave "Walter Cronkite" Portnoy Interviews Donald Trump at

Jan 13, 2013

Jan 10, 2017

May 04, 2018 · YouTube's failure to convert its free users to paid ones is a frustrating one, and probably can't be solved easily for three simple reasons. 1. YouTube's dependence on social media celebrities

Can't post comments on YouTube video: HOW TO FIX IT? ||Why Jan 06, 2020 Why Can’t I post comments? - YouTube Community Here's my problem. I can post new comments on my phone when I use Youtube, but when on my computer, there isn't even a place for me to make a new comment of my own. I can reply to any comment previously posted by others, and I can even see my own comments on other older videos and reply to them. I've been searching for days for a solution.