Gab Fix It: How to use Sonicwall Global VPN client?

While connecting through Global VPN client (GVC) client machine virtual adapter will get IP address from SonicWall Device. On SonicWall device we can configure DHCP over VPN in three ways. Use Internal DHCP server; Use External DHCP server; Optionally use relay IP address to get IP address to GVC virtual adapter other than LAN X0 DHCP lease scope. Using SonicWall Mobile Connect For iPhone and iPad Install SonicWall Mobile Connect from the App Store. Enter connection information (server name, username, password, etc.). Initiate a connection to the network. SonicWall Mobile Connect establishes a SSL VPN tunnel to the SonicWall security appliance. You … User can't connect via Sonicwall Global VPN Client

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How Do I Configure SonicWALL VPN Connections Nov 01, 2006