Mar 11, 2018 · One of the biggest annoys I faced after a fresh install of Windows 10 on my computer was the installation of the .NET Framework 3.5 feature on it. First let's see why do we (still) need .NET framework 3.5 even when Windows 10 comes with .NET Framework 4.5 installed already. The .NET Framework is an integral

Jika sudah silahkan install kembali, saran saya adalah Online dengan terhubung internet. Dengan 3 langkah diatas seharusnya installasi NET Framework 3.5 berhasil Demikian tutorial Mengatasi Masalah Gagal Install Net Framework 3.5, semoga bermanfaat untuk anda :) Apr 10, 2019 · Install .NET Framework 3.5 using the Add Roles and Features wizard, or using Windows PowerShell. To confirm if you have successfully installed .NET Framework 3.5, see How to: Determine which .NET Framework versions are installed. Apr 04, 2019 · Check Out: Install Microsoft Mono In Ubuntu . Sometimes when you install the application on your system. This asks you to install the .Net framework if it’s not present on the system. This type of application based on the Net framework without this they can’t run or work properly. The Net Framework is freely available on Microsoft site only.

Apr 12, 2019 · If you head to the Turn Windows features on or off dialog, you will notice that the top . NET Framework 3.5 option is now checked. This is the Best and easy way to Install net framework 3.5 on windows 10. And Different Errors like 0x800F0906, 0x800f0907, or 0x800f081f while install .new framework 3.5 on windows 10.

Cara install .Net Framework di Windows - .NET Framework atau seringkali dikaitkan dengan Visual Studio adalah salah satu produk buatan microsoft yang sebenarnya telah terintegrasi dalam distribusi standar Windows (mulai dari Windows Server 2003 dan versi-versi Windows yang lebih baru). Namun, dalam beberapa kasus ada beberapa Windows yang belum

Oct 09, 2017 · Manual install through Windows 10 installation media. Provided you have a Windows 10 installation media handy, you can use it to install older versions of the .NET framework. It’s much quicker and doesn’t require having an active Internet connection. Here’s how to do it: 1. Insert your Windows 10 DVD or bootable Windows 10 USB into your

Downloads for building and running applications with .NET Framework. Get web installer, offline installer, and language pack downloads for .NET Framework.